Dancers under the age of 18 must complete this form with a parent or legal guardian present.


Why did you book Hoffa Studios Photography?

What Genre of Dance do you like?

We'll design your session to showcase your favourite dance styles.

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What would you like to capture?
It's important that we showcase your talent and love towards dance.

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What style of photography do you like? 

Particular studio lighting can enhance your personality & genre of dance.

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Do you want to add any digital effect?

Adding digital effects will turn your photograph into a masterpiece.

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Who would you like to include?
Why not take advantage of your session and update your family portrait.

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What outfits will you bring in?
Select outfits that showcases your personality & your favourite style of dance.

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Would you like to wear a headpiece?
I have a range of headpieces at the studio, wearing a headpiece can complete your look.

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How intense do you like your makeup?
I recommend Level 1-3 for dancers under the age of 10 & Level 3-6 from ages 10+

Question 13
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What hairstyles do you like?

Soft curls is standard, but sometimes it's fun to mix it up for a look!

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What Iconic Fabric style do you like best?
The Iconic Fabric look was created by Leah Hoffman, and has been a popular style for years.

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What colour palette would suit your costume, dancewear or home?

We can design your Iconic Fabric photographs around your favourite outfit or for your bedroom.

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What palette do you like?

What products do you like?
Correspondent digital files are included with any Wall Art, Folio Box & Album.

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Which area of your home would you like to see your images?
I'll custom design your wall art to complement your home.

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Do you have any other questions or details you would like to add to customise your photographic Session?

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Correspondent digital files are available