Congratulations on booking a photographic session at
Hoffa Studios Photography. 

Your photographic session at Hoffa Studios Photography is an incredible experience and will be a day to remember!  You’ll feel pampered, spoilt and beautiful with professional hair and makeup and then photographed by one of Australia’s leading dance photographers, Leah Hoffman and photographed in a dedicated studio space.


Shoot Preparation

It’s important that we prepare for your photographic session so we can personalise your experience. Your session is designed to capture the real you so that your features are highlighted and your talent is captured.

Design Consultation:

To personalise your experience and to create the perfect collection of images, it’s important to complete the questionnaire form as soon as possible.
This will help me understand what you’d like me to capture and also help you understand what I can create for you.

I’ll contact you 1-2 weeks before your session to have a chat and together we can design your session and answer any questions you may have.

Nail Polish:

Wearing nail polish is a personal preference. If you decide to wear nail polish make sure you select a colour that will suit your outfit choices and ensure it’s not chipped. If you’re unsure what colour to choose, go for more of a natural colour or a simple clear coat.

Body Tan:

A good tan can boost our confidence however tanning isn’t essential for a photo shoot. If you choose to be tanned, make sure you apply a light/medium coat two days prior to your session and exfoliate your knees, elbows, wrists and ankles to avoid dark spots and streaks. 


Your photographic session is a celebration of you, so selecting outfits is important to highlight your personality and your favourite styles of dance.

You might have other hobbies you might like to introduce into your photo shoot, i.e. skateboard, pointes, tutu & a denim jacket.

You may also want to be captured in a sentimental costume you won 1st place in, or pointe shoes and your graduation dress.
The options are endless and of course this is all about you!

I love creating artwork for dancers to hang in their bedrooms or around the house, so selecting outfits that work well with the colour scheme of your home is a fantastic idea.
Another option is designing your photographic session around your favourite colour, say you LOVE pink, pack a pink costume, pink tutu & pink dancewear for the fabric photo shots.  Then we can personally design a beautiful pink themed wall art to feature on your wall at home.

Only one rule, if you have any doubts pack it! It’s always best to have more choices than a few, sometimes mixing and matching styles can look incredible in photographs and showcase your personality perfectly.

Remember to pack accessories, shoes, headpieces, bodysuits and bra/undies.


I supply all the fabric for those incredible Iconic Fabric photographs; I have over 40 colour options to cater for any dancewear or costume colour.

I also have a range of flower crowns, tiaras, romantic tutus, skirts and dancewear that we can mix and match with your wardrobe.

The perfect excuse:

Having the opportunity to be photographed is a great excuse to update the family portraits. If you would like to take the full advantage of your experience by extending your session time to add the family, please let me know. 


Shoot Day

Shoot day has finally arrived and you’ll be feeling so excited and very nervous. It’s absolutely normal to have butterflies in your tummy before your shoot. However never fear Leah is here! You’re going to love this experience, we’re going to laugh a lot and those butterflies will be replaced with stitches.
You’re going to feel like a supermodel/princess/movie star for the day and will remember this experience forever.

Hair & Makeup:

Please arrive with clean, dry hair and no makeup on.
Your hair will be styled on the day so make sure you wash your hair two days before your session. This helps the stylist so they can style your hair and will hold throughout your shoot.

You’ll have a dedicated professional makeup artist for your session and while being pampered they’ll work with you to highlight your features and create your perfect look. You may choose a smokey/sassy or something light and natural… whatever you decide you’re going to look incredible!

Photographic Session:

You’re in luck! Being photographed by one of Australia’s leading dance photographers is an incredible experience.

I have many years of experience being a dancer and coaching dancers of all ages, so my attention to detail and technique is on “pointe”.
I want to highlight and showcase your talent so I will guide and pose you throughout your session alongside an assistant who will be your personal “zhuzher”! She will make sure everything is in place so I capture your best performance.
You may have a signature dance move/s that you would like to capture, so it is best to screenshot any moves you like on your phone prior to your session so we can work through them together.

I will capture various head, body and action shots to give you a full range and make full advantage of your photographic session.


After your photographic session I will download and proof your photographs. This usually takes only 10-20mins, so you can sit back and relax with a coffee while you wait.


Selecting your collection is an exciting experience because you’ll fall in love with all your stunning photographs and choose how you would like to display them in your home.
There are several ways to display your images with a range of high-end products to choose from. I want you to purchase what you love so I’ll sit with you and guide you through all your photographs and help you select your perfect collection.                                                   


Prior to your session, walk around your home and visualise your personalised wall art and where you would like it to feature. Take some digital photographs of your rooms so we can custom design your masterpiece to that space during your viewing.

Purchasing & Payments:

I want everyone to have the opportunity to purchase his or her dream collection.

To make this easier and more affordable, once you have selected your collection you may choose from several payment options I have available. It takes approximately 6 weeks for your images to be completed.. giving you time to budget for your order perfectly.


Debit / Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
Internet Bank Transfer
Cash (Please bring along correct money, no change available)


Pay up-front:

Pay on the day of your shoot (Be rewarded!)

If you’ve purchased a collection valued at over $1k and pay on the day you view, you will be rewarded with bonus images.

Short Term Payment Plans (No Fee)

Pay half now, and half when your order is ready. (4-6 weeks)

Split your payments in half by paying half on the day of your shoot and pay the balance when your beautiful images are ready.

Long Term Payment Plans - “Lay-by” (10% deposit)

Lay-by starts from a minimum payment of $50 per week.
You may choose to pay on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan.
You will not receive any product/photographs/images until your collection has been paid off completely.

Hoffa Studios will set up an automated payments from your debit/credit card.

Please note:

I cannot legally photograph anyone under the age of 18 without a parent or legal guardian present.


Contact us as soon as possible if any changes need to be made to your appointment.

The Hoffa Studios Experience!

Your Hoffa Studios experience includes:
• Design consultation before your photo session
• Professional hair & make up
• Your photographic session
 • Viewing & purchasing session